Five ways keeping a journal can benefit your wellbeing


Writing a journal may bring back memories of childhood diaries or it can mean a daily blog.  For me, it represented years using three notebooks to track fitness training, set goals and write down personal thoughts whilst dealing with teenagers, divorce and bereavement.  When countless people asked me how I achieved so much,  “Write it down!” I replied.  I considered creating a Journal while observing my son’s determination to build his business, using a notebook and daily to-do list.  He hadn’t used a pen since his final exams, but commented, “You can swipe or change your screen, but when you write it down, it stays with you and you still see it.”  I concluded that if the process of hand-writing lists to complete tasks still resonated with the digital millennial, then I had further motive to create the Balanced Lifestyle and Wellbeing Journal.

Improves outlook and positivity

I regularly remind myself how grateful I am to have financial autonomy, good health and the freedom to run outside.  Each daily page of my Journal encourages you to start your day with a three point gratitude list.  Gratitude is powerful and can enable you to feel more in control of your destiny, improve outlook and a positive mindset.

Make yourself accountable

Ample space is provided on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for noting physical activity, nutrition, wellbeing and progress towards new goals and challenges.  I designed the logo to be regularly completed, as I believe it is empowering to create a colourful display of progress and achievements.

A personal confidant

Writing a journal keeps me sane and is an invaluable way of gaining perspective.  It also enables me to keep my friends rather than drive them crazy with monotonous phone calls about my tiresomely stubborn parents and teenagers, particularly since many of them have the same problems. The Journal is endorsed by health professionals and therapists as “life-affirming, “transformative”, and “a resource that aims to pull everything together to help you create balance in your life”.

Personal mentor

Tips and advice prompt you to take a fresh look at various aspects of your life from health, ambition, wealth, relationships, to fun and physical environment.  From looking after your feet and maintaining good posture to nurturing friendships that will support you when your immediate family is no longer around, my background as a personal trainer also enables me to provide expert health and fitness sections.  Yet, the focus remains on balancing your lifestyle to improve your overall wellbeing.

Ensures you don’t have regrets

I was saddened by how much my parents regretted not travelling more.  My Journal encourages you to plan and write down:  “What would you regret not doing?” and “What makes your heart sing?”.  At 50, I completed a second degree, learnt to ride a motorbike and backpacked around Asia.

You are the author of your own life.  What can you do with the wakeup call:  “If not now, when?”

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