50 Shades: celebrity sunglass cool

This new book's tagline is '50 iconic images from 50 years of popular culture'. So we clearly had to share it with you on high50. By Richard MacKichan

50 Shades. Unlike on Google, I can type that here without the words ‘of grey’ being added to the end. It is a book, but no ‘mummy porn’ here. Instead, I guess, sunglasses porn. Fifty of the coolest cats sporting stylish shades through the decades.

The book features dark-spectacled icons from fashion, music, arts and film, from Jackie O in her oversizeds – she kept a bowlful by her front door, apparently – to the newly electric Dylan fending off folkies’ glares  in his Wayfarers; Robert Redford cutting a dash in mirrored aviators and Diana Ross turning heads in tea-shades.

As Jack Nicholson once said of his allure, “With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.”

50 Shades by Lauren Goldstein Crowe is released on 15 November, published by Reel Art Press. Order a copy now

All images © Getty Images/Reel Art Press

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