Dear Dilemma Emma…12 Stocking Fillers for Little Boys

Dear Readers,

This may prove to send the Post Office into bankruptcy but hey ho… Write a letter to the big FC, post it to Santa, Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland, XM4 5HQ and the man himself will reply! Visit Royal Mail for all the details.

Cool work Santa, cool work…

Right, down to business. Poor old lovely editor’s fed up with hearing the same refrain for more present ideas. So, herewith stocking fillers for little boys! She’s gone off for a coffee and I’m off to find her and spread some of my excessive Christmas cheer, might even clip on my elf ears.

Have fun and that is the end of our Christmas shopping extravaganza, with the hope that you are all shopped out. Next week we will be looking at where to take the little ones…

12 Stocking Fillers for Little Boys

1. Orange Goo-sucking Monster, Flamingo Gifts, £3.19

I need say nothing more, money well spent if you ask me.

2. Underwater Light Show, Tesco, £6.23

Bath time just became serious fun.

3. Animal Egg Moulds, Firebox, £4.99

I ask you, why would you not want your boiled egg shaped like a little bear?

4. Secret Message Writing Kit, Science Museum Shop, £6.00

Hours of fun, this is the business

5. The Super Stomp Rocket, The Gift and Gadget Store, £8.99

What a perfect thing to do after Christmas lunch, fresh air and some stomping!

6. Where’s Wally? Your local fantastic bookshop, £4.00

Santa Spectacular. Unbeknown to them, Where’s Wally is super brilliant for their little brains, getting them all limbered-up ready for reading.

7. Dino wind-ups, John Lewis, £4.99

Make, discover one piece left, re-make, wind up and laugh your little socks off.

8.  Giant Gruffalo Snap Cards, Flamingo Gifts, £7.99

Get those little brain cells working a storm.

9.  Fluffy Little Microwavable Penguin, IWOOT, £9.99

Warm him up in the microwave and snuggle away.  Adorable and cosy, just what Christmas should be about.

10. Top Trumps Predators, Ocado, £3.99

A classic, try to let them win, you know you can.

11. Magic Plastic Balloon, Fun Learning, £4.00

We loved it, every generation loves it, create away.

12. Personalised Gingerbread House Hanging Decoration, Cookie Art London, £2.50

I am pondering on whether this artisan bakery can cope with the quantity of orders that I alone want to give her; how perfect is this?


Remember your magazine (Okido, art and science magazine for kids, the business) and your abundance of chocolate, now is not the time to hold back…

Have a wonderful time choosing, wrapping, stuffing.

Do keep writing in, as ever I will always respond either personally or here.

Happy, happy Christmas!