DILEMMA EMMA: Stocking Fillers for Teenagers

Dear Readers…..Thank you for all of your emails, great to know stockings are being stuffed countrywide! Do keep emailing in with your child-related problems. I have replied to those which are extremely personal but come the New Year we will really look into the issues so many of you are concerned about, from bulimia to the best secondary schools. Meanwhile, onwards into Christmas delights!

19 Stocking Fillers for Teenagers….

Last week stocking fillers were sorted for little girls and this week it’s the turn of teenagers. Two words: Mission Impossible.  By definition, anything you touch or even glance upon will be deemed uncool. However, you love them and they need a stocking and you need to crack on. So, herewith 19 of the best:

  1. Sennheiser MX170 In-Ear Headphones, black, John Lewis £7.95

In-ear headphones, all teenagers need and love. Buy some decent ones, preserve their little eardrums.

  1. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Personalised Chocolate Bar, Cadbury’s World £5.50

Put that baby photo on the front.

  1. Coffee chain/local cafe, takeaway cup with £10+ gift card

Go wild, make it £20.

  1. Name the Emoji Card Game, Urban Outfitters £8.00

Ok, we will play against them and loose dismally…so dismally, but think of their self esteem issues, let them win.

  1. Key Bottle Opener Key Ring, All things Brighton Beautiful £4.95

Obviously, for use with their ginger pop.

  1. Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, £8.00

All teenagers grew up with Harry as their life backing track. So, unsurprisingly their knowledge is untold; I oft wonder what good use the enormous portion of brain capacity lost to Harry could have been put to…but I too worship at the Potter feet. Buy this if nothing else!

7.  1980s DVDs, £1+

Scour Oxfam now; our classics, Bodyguard et al. are so retro they are now cool…. seek out but choose wisely, walk away from The Never Ending Story.

  1. Their favourite childhood sweets, all in bag

Go wild, blow £5 in the sweetie aisle, all tied up with a big ribbon, nothing like a curly whirly, a double decker and some skittles to bring on a warm fuzzy feeling.

  1. Easy Student Dinners cookbook, Waterstones £3.95

You can but hope.

  1. Magazine…….£4-ish

Man of the World, Vogue, Top Gear, Elle or Monocle, just in case they have modicum of taste and interest in the outer world, again we can but hope.

  1. Ottoman Pea-Body’s Yule Log Dog Treats, £3.99

If they have a dog great, purchase but if they don’t, then don’t.

  1. Frosties, Selfridges £4.99

Big box and personalised!

  1. 101 Things to do Instead of Playing on your Phone book by Ilka Heinemann, Waterstones £5.99

I repeat, we can but hope.

  1. Jelly Sweet Sushi by Cuppa Cuppa, Asda £3.00

Hysterical tray of sweeties realistically looking like sushi!

  1. Christmas novelty pants and socks

Gives them something to moan about all day.  Available everywhere including your supermarket!

  1. PomPom Making Kit, Buttonbag £12.00

Pompoms are huge now, not literally, obviously.

  1. Bike Phone Holder, Graham and Green £9.95

Ideal if they cycle but less than ideal if they don’t… delete as appropriate.

  1. Native Union Key Cable, Native Union £24.99

They can never again say they have run out of charge, genius gift. Thank you, thank you, I hear you say.

  1. Clip on Elf Ears, Talking Tables £5.00

Need I say more?  If you don’t think clip on elf ears are what you need in any stocking then you are not worthy of my Christmas cheer; leave now.