Celebrity make-up artist Mary Greenwell shares her personal beauty routine and make-up must-haves

The world-renowned make-up artist works with top models, actresses and royalty. She reveals her star make-up and fragrances, and the products she uses for glowing skin

Mary’s clients have included Uma Thurman, Oscar winner Cate Blanchett and Princess Diana. She’s worked with the world’s best photographers and leading fashion houses, such as Chanel and Versace. What she doesn’t know about make-up… well, there isn’t much!

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The skin on your décolleté is thinner and drier

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She gives us a look inside her own beauty bag and, above and below, you can also watch the High50 video tutorials that we filmed with Mary.

My make-up must-haves

I always use foundation and apply it all over my face using my fingertips. I find brushes and sponges unhygienic and this way the product melts beautifully into your skin.

My favourite foundation is Chanel Les Beiges All in One Glow Fluid Tinted Moisturiser (£34), as it creates such light even coverage.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush-on Glow BB Highlighter (£23.50) is my best new find for concealer this year.

Apply it under the eyes to disguise dark circles and a little around the nostrils so any broken veins don’t show through.

Then I finish with a light dusting of Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer in Natural Blondes (£49) around my hairline and over the cheeks. It really does give the most natural results.

On the eyes, I love just a smudge of Givenchy Ombre Couture Waterproof Eyeshadow in Brun Cashmere (£18).

Then I finish with two coats of Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara in Black (£19.50).

Top make-up tip for women over 50

Wear lipstick. It will bring a healthy flush to your lips, which, in turn, breathes life into your complexion. I’m a big fan of berry shades: MAC Lipstick in Creme in Your Coffee (£15.50), a warm berry with brown undertones, is my perfect go-to colour. I can’t live without it!

A deep cleanse is vital

Make-up only looks good on skin that is properly cared for with a good skincare regime. I swear by cleansing my skin morning and night using a combination of Sensai’s Silky Purifying Cleansing Cream (£31.25) and my Clarisonic Mia Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush, which deep cleans pores.

Our skin at 50

For the best results, I believe in layering several different types and textures of anti-ageing products. In particular, I like applying essences on top of each other. They are inspired by Japanese skincare and have high concentrations of ingredients but are light liquids that instantly absorb into the skin.

In the morning I use the SKII line, starting with the cult Facial Treatment Essence (£92) and LXP Ultimate Revival Essence (£241), which both contain pitera, a liquid rich in vitamins and amino acids.

I apply them using a cotton pad, which I gently press on to my skin. I finish with the Essential Power Rich Cream (£143) and Wrinkle Specialist Eye Cream (£119).

Then in the evening I use Clarins Toning Lotion with Camomile (£13.95) after cleansing to close my pores, followed by III Skin Daily Orbit NAC Y2 Energising Youth Tonic (£60), which contains seaweed extracts and immediately makes tired skin glow.

Then to really nourish my skin overnight I use the SKII LX Ultimate Revival Serum (£240) followed by the Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Cream (£276), which is great for strengthening skin’s defences, especially if you’re a frequent flier.

Don’t neglect skin below your jawline

The skin on your décolleté is thinner and drier than elsewhere on the body so it’s important to feed it plenty of moisture. Morning and night I use Estee Lauder Renutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Creme for Throat and Decolletage (£80). For the rest of my body, I love cocooning my skin in anything that is thick and delicious, particularly Precision Chanel Body Excellence Firming and Rejuvenating Cream (£75). And I always carry hand cream in my bag.

(For more on avoiding that turkey neck look, read Anti-ageing: How to prevent neck wrinkles)

My favourite perfume

Fragrance is always the last touch of magic to any look. I created each of the Mary Greenwell fragrances around the name so there is one to suit each season. For example, Plum (£65), with its blend of fruits, woods and musk, is perfect for autumn. Right now I am wearing Cherry (£95); with its sparkling cassis top notes, blackberries, bergamot and jasmine, it smells deliciously summery.

My hair heroes

I have no haircare regime at home, apart from using Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2 Shampoo (£17) and Lait Vital Conditioner (£20), which are both very nourishing. I hate putting styling products on my hair as I love the feel and freshness of natural hair. But I am a regular visitor to the hairdresser. I have my hair coloured by Nicola Clarke at John Frieda and cut by Joelle at Daniel Galvin. I’m very loyal so would follow them to ends of the earth!

The next big thing in beauty is…

Technology in skincare advances all the time. I think we will increasingly move away from the surgeon’s knife and reach for products that transform the look of our own skin. In particular, using ingredients that help cellular growth for skin that is smoother and plumper for longer.

Video tutorial with Mary Greenwell: eyes

Video tutorial with Mary Greenwell: lips