Bobbi Brown: My Personal Beauty Routine

Bobbi Brown is a make-up expert and head of her own global brand. She reveals her beauty tips and the products she uses herself to look radiant at 50-plus. By Fiona Embleton

In our 50s, moisture is essential to improve the look of fine lines and give skin a smoother, plumped-up look. I swear by the power of my Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm ($95). It’s the one product that I can put on my face — without a stitch of make-up — and immediately look fresher.

On days when my skin feels super dry, I like to layer Extra Repair Serum ($110) underneath. It’s packed with vitamin C and a powerful peptide to help reduce the look of fine lines, but it still feels lightweight. I’ll do this morning and night for the best results.

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If you don’t already, start using concealer to brighten and lift the under-eye area

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Make-up tips for women over 50

Two things happen to skin as it ages: our features fall and our skin tone fades. So the trick is to lift and breathe life back into your face with the right make-up textures and colors.

One of the biggest beauty mistakes that women make is not choosing the right shade of foundation. Master this and you can look like you have perfect, youthful skin.

When testing a new foundation, apply a little on your forehead where your skin tone is the most even. If possible, check your reflection in natural light and go with the shade that perfectly matches the color of your skin (note: it shouldn’t change the color of your face).

If you don’t already, start using concealer to brighten and lift the under-eye area. Concealer should be one or two shades lighter than your foundation, and yellow in tone. Apply it generously under the eyes starting at the inner corner of each eye, and take it below the lash line. Use your fingers to press the concealer into your skin and set it in place with a sheer loose powder.

My make-up bag must-haves

I tend to do my make-up when I’m on the go, so I keep a few products at hand that I know will instantly make me look pulled together.

They are: Creamy Concealer ($25) to cover dark circles so I look well-rested; Skin Foundation Stick ($44), because it can be spot-applied just where skin is red or uneven; a Pot Rouge cream blush ($27), which doubles up as a cheek and lip color, and a few coats of the blackest black mascara, like Smokey Eye Mascara ($28), to make my eyes pop.

My favorite fragrances

I created my Beach Fragrance ($72) to be the essence of summer in a bottle. I absolutely love its blend of sea spray, mandarin and jasmine, especially in the gloomy winter months. In the morning I mist it over my neck and wrists. These areas are warm pulse points, so they diffuse the scent beautifully for the rest of the day.

My bathtime ritual

After a long day at the office, I like nothing more than to relax by running myself a bath with Queen Helene Lavender Batherapy Mineral Bath Salts ($12.57). Afterwards I spend a bit of time massaging in Jo Malone Grapefruit Body Crème ($55) as it keeps my skin really hydrated. It’s the perfect indulgence thanks to its revitalizing feel-good scent. For the same reason, I also love Dr Bronner Magic Liquid Soap in Peppermint ($4.49).

My haircare heroes

I’m pretty low-maintenance when it comes to my hair. I only tend to get a professional blow-dry for a press event or photo shoot, when I’ll wear it straight with plenty of body and volume. The rest of the time, it’s almost always up in a ponytail, especially on the weekends.

Day-to-day, I focus on keeping my hair soft and well-nourished. I use the coconut oil-based Bumble and Bumble Crème de Coco Shampoo ($24) and Conditioner ($26). I’m also a big fan of Oribe products. I recently tried the Gold Lust Hair Oil ($36) and it made my hair unbelievably shiny and healthy-looking.

The next big thing in beauty is…

More multi-tasking products. Women will always want beauty products that instantly make them look and feel better. Our lives are busier than ever before so it’s not hard to see why we only want to rely on one or two star products to quickly improve the way we look.

• To learn how to create a flawless, even complexion, visit a Bobbi Brown counter and speak to one of Bobbi’s expertly trained artists about their Secret to Perfect Skin make-up lesson. You’ll learn how to choose and apply the right shade and formula for your skin tone and complexion.

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