Jane Iredale: My personal beauty secrets

In our series on women at the top of the beauty industry, the founder of Jane Iredale mineral make-up reveals her top tips and the beauty products she swears by. By Fiona Embleton

Skincare in your 50s

“I’m a big believer that cleansing should be done in moderation so that you don’t strip the skin of its natural moisturiser, your own sebum. I use my Magic Mitt (£17) every morning and night as it removes make-up and dirt using only water. The biggest bonus is that it never leaves the skin feeling tight.

“In the summer, if my skin feels parched I will use our Pommisst Hydration Spray (£22.50), which is packed with antioxidant pomegranate and white tea leaf extracts.

“But when it comes to the rest of my skincare I don’t buy by brand: I like getting everything from my health food store and will only buy according to the ingredient label. Then I test them for their performance.

“The one thing I am religious about, however, is wearing sunscreen every day. People talk about anti-ageing skincare but to me sunscreen is by far the best youth-boosting product you can wear as 80 per cent of the signs of ageing are from the sun. Our bases are SPF20 and we add it wherever we can, for example in our tinted moisturisers.”

My tried and trusted bodycare

“I’ll often put Tantasia Self Tanner & Bronzer (£24) on my legs as a moisturiser and for some colour. It’s so good I wear it all year round. Every once in a while I get a little dermatitis on my body but if I put cider vinegar on it, it goes away.”

‘Peptides’ is the new buzzword in make-up

“These moleculescreate visible changes in the skin, from improved clarity to stimulating elastin and collagen for plumpness and less visible lines. The use of peptides in foundation is going to get more advanced as make-up continues to become an important part of a good skincare regimen.”

Why I like minerals

“When I first started my company in the early 90s I wanted to help women wear a healthier make-up; to use a foundation that would really affect the quality of their skin. I worked with a chemist and we gradually took out all the stuff like unnecessary chemicals so we were left with just a loose mineral powder, and that’s how Jane Iredale started.

“My mineral products blur the line between skincare and make-up. It’s why we’re called a ‘skincare make-up company’, because they’re good for the skin.The beauty of mineral powders is that they are pure pigment, which is what gives them excellent coverage. They allow skin to breathe and function normally, as well as giving skin broadspectrum sun protection,a boon to all skin types but especially those who are sensitive or suffer from rosacea.”

My make-up must-haves

“I use our Pure Pressed Base (£39.95) every day, whether I’m speaking to an audience or walking the dog. This multi-tasker is a foundation, powder, mineral concealer and sunscreen all in one yet is so light on the skin.

“Though I’m always changing my blush and eyeshadows, I never deviate from our Lash Conditioner (£15) and Longest Lash Mascara in Espresso (£26). They are brilliant for making my eyes a focal point.”

The most annoying myth about ageing skin

“That shimmer will make you look older. It actually all depends where you wear it. It can be youthful and glamorous in the right places, such as the inner corners of your eyes, above your Cupid’s Bow and on your brow and cheekbones.”

My haircare secrets

“I shampoo with our Truly Pure Shampoo (£29.95) – that way I don’t have to feel guilty about flushing sodium laurel sulfates into the water supply. Plus, I don’t need a conditioner as it already contains hydrating and smoothing algae extracts.

“I discovered GiovanniLA Hold Hair Spritz (£7.95) at my health food store a few years ago and find that, together, these can usually conquer the battle against frizz and keep my hair in place all day.”

The next big thing in beauty is…

“I believe we’ve come to the end of the alphabet soup craze of BB, CC and DD creams, and are feet first into the next big trend, which is better ways of delivering active ingredients into the skin. The desire for ‘hope in a jar’ still exists but now there are more authentic ways of bringing about change through advances in technology. And this will continue to improve.

“The only problem for manufacturers will be letting the consumers know about these powerful new products without using wording that sounds like drug claims. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a product that really works but you aren’t allowed to say so!”

My best beauty tips for women in their 50s

“As women get older they tend to avoid make-up. My advice is to wear it – but in an understated way. Also, wear a bright lip colour like a stain with a gloss on top for a youthful and modern twist.

“We’re often told that exfoliating older skin is important as it will remove dry skin cells but it isn’t a good idea to overdo it. Once a week will brighten the skin but be sure to use a sunscreen afterwards because you’re removing the skin’s first protective layer.”

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