Kathy Phillips: My personal beauty routine, number one make-up tip and the next big thing to watch for

In our series on women at the top of the beauty industry, this week the founder of natural beauty brand This Works shares her top tips, products and daily routine she swears by

Skincare in your 50s

“I mostly use my own skincare range, This Works. I cleanse thoroughly using Clean Skin Gentle Cleanser (£19) as it doesn’t strip the skin of its natural lubricating oils. And if I’m travelling I use In Transit No Traces (£17), which are all-natural cleansing pads with rosewater and repairing plant oils, and brilliant for getting rid of all traces of mascara.

“If my skin needs a little extra TLC, I spritz on Clean Skin Refining Toner (£19) to refine my pores. For daily moisturising, I’m a fan of the No Wrinkles Active Serum (£39) and because I’m older I add a layer of No Wrinkles Extreme Moisturiser (£46) on top as it’s packed with skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, retinol and vitamin C to tackle wrinkles.

“At night I use the Midnight Moisture version (£46) because I know all about the benefits of Persian silk tree extract for helping to detox your skin and combat ageing glycotoxins, which build up through lack of sleep.

“If my skin needs a bit of shock treatment to remove dead dulling skin cells, I use Colbert MD Intensify Facial Discs (£52) once every so often on damp skin.”

My make-up must-haves

“I love Suqqu’s new Eyebrow Liquid Pen in Moss Green (£20). It’s a surprisingly amazing shade for brunettes and the felt tip brush is very easy to use. Nars blushers (£22.50) are excellent; I use a pink shade such as Mata Hari if I’m going out in the evening. It immediately lifts tired, older skin.

“I also rate Laura Mercier Longwear Crème Eye Pencils (£17) as they don’t tug on the delicate skin around the eyes and Topshop lipsticks (£8) are very good for staying power. But remember, I’m always testing new ones so this list changes!”

My top beauty tips for women in their 50s

“Women have a terrible habit of over-plucking so their eyebrows look really out of shape by the age of 50. And nothing is more ageing than eyebrows that are too thin and sparse.

“I advise having your eyebrows either tattooed or professionally threaded into a good strong shape to frame your eyes. I really recommend Sophie Thorpe, who specialises in tattooing semi-permanent mineral pigment hair by hair on to the skin. Try teeth whitening, too, as it’s very rejuvenating. When I go to New York, I always bring back Rembrandt Peroxide toothpaste from a Duane Read pharmacy.”

My favourite fragrances

“I prefer to use aromatherapy bath oils instead of fragrance because a lot of synthetic perfumes irritate my skin, causing me to come up in a rash. That said, I really love wearing the energising citrus scent Pomelo (£95) by Jo Loves (Jo Malone’s new fragrance company) on my wrists.

“I also loved Calyx by Prescriptives, which launched in 1987 and is now sadly discontinued in this country. Notes I’m always drawn to are orris root and cedar for their warmth, as well as refreshing vetiver and grapefruit.”

My haircare secrets

“I religiously go to Josh Wood at Josh Wood Atelier for my colour and let him do anything he wants. He’s a genius so I just sit in the chair and wait for him to reveal the results!

“At home I use Neil Moodie’s new range of Windle and Moodie haircare products including the Nourishing Treatment Shampoo (£16.50) and Conditioner (£18). As my hair is very curly, my secret weapon is the Blow Dry Brush by Japanese brand YS Park Professional.

My current standout product is…

“There’s never just one product that stands out! I think your 50s is the perfect time to spend money on a proper make-up lesson. Cosmetics a la Carte are pros at doing this.

“I’m also a big believer that everyone over 50 should be using an SPF30 sunscreen as a moisturiser, especially in the summer months and on holiday. Don’t just rely on a foundation with a built-in SPF – it won’t be enough to protect against wrinkles and pigmentation.

“Personally, I’m a fan of the La Roche-Posay Anthelios range of suncare. And This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle (£37) is brilliant for women who want to disguise flaws and veins on their legs and not wear stockings or tights.”

The next big thing in beauty is…

“Better ways to repair hair and nails so you no longer need to rely on gels and fake nails or a Brazilian blow dry and other straightening treatments. There will be nail treatments you just brush on and hair products to use at home that retexturise and strengthen.”

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