Sylvie Chantecaille: My beauty secrets

In our series on women at the top of the beauty industry, this week the founder of Chantecaille Beauté reveals her top beauty tips and the products she swears by. By Fiona Embleton

Skincare in your 50s

“Since I’m always testing products from our labs, my regimen is a bit skewed. But I always cleanse then mist my face with our Pure Rosewater (£50) as it contains 100% of the Rose de Mai, including extracts of the petals and all its essential oils, to purify and hydrate the skin. Then I apply Ultra Sun Protection SPF50 PA +++ (£76) every morning after my creams.

“The rest of my regimen really changes depending on the climate and season. In spring I love using the Biodynamic Lifting Fluid (£205) to moisturise because it’s a bit lighter in texture. If my skin is irritated I opt for our Magnolia and Jasmine Healing Emulsion (£105) as it contains therapeutic botanicals inspired by traditional Chinese medicine to soothe sensitive skin.

“In winter I apply our Nano Gold Energizing Cream (£370) religiously, switching to our Biodynamic Lifting Cream (£260) if it’s really cold as it’s rich in a healing base of pure rosewater and is great for helping skin retain moisture naturally.

“To help protect the skin around my eyes, I apply the Nano Gold Energizing Eye Cream (£230) at night as it contains tiny particles of 24-carat gold, which have been shown to deliver anti-inflammatory and healing properties at a cellular level.

“I’m also a big believer in the power of a mask and love to sleep in one if my skin needs an intense boost. My favourites are the Biodynamic Lifting Mask (£135) and Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask (£60) when my skin is drier.”

My favourite fragrances

“I’m attracted to all kinds of perfume notes, but I definitely have a few favourites. I adore our Vetyver Eau de Parfum (£150), which I created and wear every day. It’s a very clean, fresh, uplifting fragrance thanks to the inclusion of bergamot and an exotic grass native to Haiti.

“For an evening fragrance I tend to reach for my Kalimantin Eau De Parfum (£150). The combination of wood, patchouli and orchid sounds heavy but it’s just the type of exotic, warm fragrance to wear on special occasions.”

My bodycare ritual

“I sometimes mix up my own massage oil at home. I’ll take grapeseed and neroli oils and mix them together with coconut and tamanu to create a rich body oil that works wonders on the dry skin on my legs and shins. If I have my Retinol Body Treatment (£80) in the house, I use that to care of dehydrated patches of skin. It smoothes everything in minutes – it’s so well loved in my family that I always seem to find empty tubes in the bathroom.”

My make-up must-haves

“Definitely my Future Skin Foundation (£60). Because I’ve been exposed to so much sun, I need a foundation that smoothes and gives just enough coverage but doesn’t scream that I’m wearing make-up.

“My secret trick for really amazing looking skin is to mix it with our Radiance Gel Bronzer (£51). Try it: your foundation will be slightly more sheer but it illuminates the skin like nothing else.

“Like most women, I can’t leave the house without mascara and love our 24H Waterproof Eye Liners. My favorite is Nutmeg (£22), the perfect brown shade for blondes and women in their 50s as it gives definition but isn’t as harsh as black and stays put all day without traveling into any creases around the eyes.”

Always wear a bit of lip colour

“It immediately brings colour and warmth to the rest of your face. Choose a texture that is part gloss, part lipstick as it makes lips that are thinning with age look fuller. I keep a couple of favorites in my handbag and switch back and forth depending on what I’m wearing. I love my Lip Chics (£30 each) in Amour for a pink flush, Amaryllis for a neutral look and the plummy Ceylon if I want stronger colour.”

My stand-out product

“I know I’m biased but I haveto say our Le Camouflage Stylo (£42) because looking tired is a real killer for women in their 50s. It’s the ultimate anti-fatigue corrector pen for disguising dark circles around the eyes and brightening patches of pigmentation on the face.

“It’s not just concealer; it’s also part skincare as the formula contains peptides to help reduce under-eye bags and a botanical-based active to help even out skin tone. The effect is skin that looks really dewy, healthy and well-rested. Honestly, its genius.”

My top beauty tip for women for women our age

“Stick to what you know works for you. After a certain age you have to be confident in yourself and not always chase after the next craze. Ultimately what keeps you looking young is good skin and minimal make-up.”

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