Terry de Gunzburg of By Terry – and creator of Touche Eclat – shares her personal beauty secrets

Terry invented YSL’s Touche Eclat, one of the most innovative make-up products ever and is the creator of cult brand By Terry. She lets us into her beauty tips

Terry’s skincare routine

“I never go to bed without properly cleaning my face – it’s one of the earliest beauty lessons I remember my mother and grandmother teaching me and it still holds true today. The detoxing double cleanse I now do is the favourite element in my daily skincare regime.

“It takes just three minutes, morning and evening, and is brilliant for removing make-up and pollution and bringing fresh oxygen to the top layers of my skin. I start with By Terry Douceur De Rose (£35) cleansing cream, then apply my Purete de Rose (£36) cleansing gel on top, massage for a minute, then rinse with a wet cloth. It refreshes both the skin and the mind, which immediately makes me look and feel more youthful.

“I simply couldn’t live without my Crème de Rose (£69), a really nourishing day cream I apply each morning. It instantly replenishes and soothes dry skin because it contains several rose extracts – white rose to calm, rose water to tone and musk rose to moisturise.

“Then at night, if I need to relax after a long stressful day, I’ll run a bath and apply my creamy Masque Nutri-Rose face mask (£61), allowing the steam to open my pores and push the soothing ingredients where they’re needed most.”

The roses in By Terry skincare

“You’ll notice I use a lot of fresh rose ingredients in my skincare. I’m very passionate about these flowers; I choose them as much for their fragrance as for their uncontested anti-ageing and moisturising properties.

“They firm the skin, make its texture smoother and tighten pores so your face looks as fresh as a morning rose!

“I’m also a big believer in layering light, elastic skincare textures on top of each other so they feel like a second skin and create a natural looking, radiant finish.”

Terry’s bodycare routine

“I really enjoy aromatherapy, so before my morning shower I apply two drops of Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath and Shower Oil (£40) to my body. Under the hot water, my shower instantly becomes an energy-boosting spa!

“Once a week I’ll deep cleanse and exfoliate my body using the Clarisonic Plus Face & Body Cleansing brush (£179), which I recently discovered at Space NK. Then I massage in Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil Spray (£28), a beautifully nourishing blend of plant oils including borage, sweet almond and camellia. When I have more time, I heat the oil for more of a home spa session.

“I like to complement such an invigorating morning beauty routine with a detoxifying and energising breakfast. Instead of coffee, I make a large pot of fresh ginger and lemon tea. And because my days tend to be very active, I eat a bowl of fresh berries so I get a high dose of vitamins before leaving the house.”

Terry’s make-up

“All of the By Terry make-up products contain very refined, light-reflecting pigments (not sparkle!) so you infuse your skin with youthful radiance, blur away fine lines and look fresh-faced for longer. I keep my make-up simple and create the perfect look with just four of my products.

“I start with Light-Expert (£45), a foundation packed with the same protective antioxidants and moisturising hyaluronic acid you’d find in skincare. It has a built-in brush head, which I move back and forth, working the colour over my skin. It immediately makes my skin look flawless – I look as if I’ve woken up from a long, restful night’s sleep.

“For plump lips, I dab on Baume de Rose Nutri-Couleur (£35). It has a delicate scent of natural rose. I call it the ‘Rolls Royce of lip balms’ because it’s packed with all the goodness of pure rose flower wax, shea butter, ceramides and vitamin E. I also pop a little on my cuticles to strengthen them.

“I like to retouch my eye make-up during the day so I always keep my Mascara Terrybly in Black (£32) and an Ombre Blackstar cream eyeshadow (£32) handy in my make-up bag. What I love most about the Ombre Blackstar shadows is that they come in a pen applicator, which I can just sweep over my lids, building up the coverage from a light wash to a more dramatic smoky eye.”

Favourite fragrance

“My Terry de Gunzburg perfumes are the products of a fragrance obsession I’ve had for many years. I love the scents of jasmine, orange blossom and rose in my Lumiere d’Epices Eau de Parfum (£109). They remind me of my childhood, when my mother would pour pure rose water into my bath, my grandmother would boil jasmine in stills and my father, a pharmacist, would extract the precious oils to make colognes. The house always smelt amazing!

“I sometimes wear my Ombre Mercure Eau de Parfum (£109), an enchanting blend of iris and violet with patchouli and sandalwood, on its own in the evenings.

“Or I’ll layer my scents. I’ll spritz Ombre Mercure on my neck, followed by Flagrant Delice Eau de Parfum (£109), a milky fig and almond scent, on my wrists and the rose-based Bleu Paradis Eau de Parfum (£109) on the inside of my elbows. That way I create my own completely unique scent.”

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