Dear Dilemma Emma…

Stocking fillers for little girls

My granddaughter is staying for Christmas. The questions to ask you are endless but I need to begin with stockings. I only ever had oranges and nuts as far as I can remember! I’m seen as a cool “Pops” by my gorgeous little granddaughter but I’ve no idea where to begin. 


Mark C

 Tunbridge Wells


Dear Mark,

Fear not, Christmas morning will be magical and I am sure you will make it so.

Here are some suggestions, but meanwhile really think about what you know about her: Does she sing all the time (microphone ELC, cassette singalongs)? Always outside (glitter wellies from M and S, flower press)?  Wants to cook with you (see cookie cutters below)?  Always drawing, always asking you for stories? Just really try to focus on what you know she loves… oh and chocolate, very rarely can you go wrong with chocolate.

1.Bakedin Choc Mallow Melt Baking Kit 560g  (£6.36 Ocado)

Nothing like a little bit of baking together.


  1. Build Your Own Big Ben (£3.95 John Lewis)

Try not to take this over…


  1. Kidz Labs Diving Octopus (£5.00 John Lewis)

Think every stocking needs this, it’s going in my 21yr old son’s!


  1. Doodle town (£9.99, Tate shop)

This will last for months afterwards – really feeds their creativity.


  1. Balloon animal making kit. (£7.95 Selfridges)

Muster up some puff.


  1. Colour-in Christmas tablecloth (£5.00 Marks and Spencer)

Table cloth sorted


  1. Reindeer antlers and light up nose (£3.00 Paperchase)

Clearly, this is for you to wear.


  1. 3D Hypotrochoid Set  (£6.50 National Gallery Shop)

Remember Spirograph?


  1. Mini snowy penguin (£9.00 White Company)

  This little chap will spend the day with you, adorable.


  1. Woollen mittens (£8.00 Next)


Little hands always need to be snuggly warm… what’s not to love about these adorable mittens?


  1. Tinti Crackling Bath Pops (£3.45/3 Tinti)

Christmas evening bath time needs to be coloured and crackling.


  1. Chocolate reindeer, personalised  (£6.00 Thorntons) love, chocolate, Cute little reindeer, your own message…


  1. Caterpillar game in a tin (£6.95 Haba)

For years, literally years, this will live in a handbag and amuse for hours, as you wait at every restaurant, every airport…


  1. Make your own Paper chains (£1.50 John Lewis)


  1. Candy cane spiral Lollipop (£1.50 John Lewis)dilemma-emma

Add in some ‘Grandpops cheques’…. you would have done the activity anyway.  They cut the overall stocking cost and things to look forward are always the best, eg:

”One trip to London Zoo with best Grandpops in the world with ice cream and possibly chips too.”

“Home cinema night, we will make the popcorn together  first.”

“Come to work with me for a day….”


A takeaway cup from your favourite coffee shop (they will give it to you free., I do it every year!), with a note inside saying “Tea and muffin after school.”

Oh, you need chocolate coins, a tangerine and a magazine popping out of the top (Aquila Magazine or National Geographic for Kids) ..  er… and a stocking… Selfridges, London, have funky felt or tasteful linen both of which can be personalized (£25-ish)

And, wrap everything is spotty tissue ! Wrap it well, the fun is in the unwrapping!

Christmas morning needs to be full of building, making, drawing and investigating all these lovely things together; luckily, turkey takes hours.

Snuggle down on Christmas Eve, hot chocolate and stories at home and Christmas is sure to be all you hope for .

Have a very, very happy Christmas.