Why High50 thinks Steve Jobs is spinning in his grave

1. Screens

They smash far too easily on i-phones and i-pads.  We’re not as dexterous as we were and we’re fed up with equipment we rely on being slippery and fragile.  20 years ago, flimsy products like these would have been withdrawn from the market, regardless of fancy branding.  Please make hand-held and portable devices more robust.

2. Apple Watch 

Interesting idea but please don’t release it till it’s fit for purpose – and for our generation, please supply a built in way of magnifying the tiny screen. At least allow the watch to tell us the time – ever tried glancing at the time on an Apple watch in bright sunlight?  Forget it.

3. Chargers 

We come from a generation that appreciates products that endure.  So please provide chargers that don’t disintegrate within months and cost a fortune to replace. 

4. Batteries

Come on!  If you can’t make a battery that lasts all day, what can you do? 

5. Changes

We’re old enough to remember how many times we’re forced to change phone – just as we’re finally used to a new model, out you pop with a new one. While we embrace innovation, is this really a drive for technological excellence or are you deliberately building in obsolescence? We are fed up with being forced to invest in Apple’s latest ‘must have’ models and all their attendant paraphernalia.

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