Why High50 has turned its back on Starbucks

When you turned up in Britain in 1998 we welcomed you.  You brought coffee to our high street and we loved the convenient quick fix you offered. But you sold out. You didn’t want to pay our taxes and you put profit before customer service.  Five reasons our generation has turned away:

1. We’re from a generation that remembers and appreciates old-fashioned civility and formality – we don’t like having our Christian names yelled out to a room full of strangers, nor our names spelt wrong on our cups.

2. We hate the coffee – it tastes sugary and bland.

3. Small is OK – why does every cup have to be gigantic?

4. What are those sad offerings masquerading as food behind the counter ? Muffins, pastries, doughnuts, cakes and cookies…..where oh where are your salads or healthy snacks?  We can’t just eat sugar and carbs, carbs and more carbs at our age.

5. At our age, we appreciate individuality and character and don’t want to buy our daily coffee from or sit in an enormous chain of identikit environments.

Do you still go to Starbucks?  We want to hear from you.  Email us on hello@high50.com