Age of No Retirement?, 27-29 April in Manchester: a forum to end age barriers and reshape society

This three-day forum brings together employers, policy makers, academics, designers and thought leaders, aiming to create a new, age-positive vision of society. You can get involved

The Age of No Retirement? is movement for age-positive change, and live interactive forum this month will bring together young and old, employers and staff, policy makers and academics, designers and innovators, and artists and thought leaders.

It will be a collaborative space to discover and unlock the opportunities inherent within a society where people are living longer than ever before.

Our objective is to break down age barriers and create a society that we all aspire to live in. Together we can redesign our communities, workplaces and lives along age-neutral lines, with a hope and optimism rarely seen in this sector.

What happens at the event

At last year’s event in London, more than 500 people from 200 organisations explored 27 topics across eight themes, including product and service design and intergenerational integration in companies.

Representatives from Barclays, Google, GSK, Aviva, BT, Microsoft, Capita, Getty Images and Mercer rolled up their sleeves with members of the public, small business owners, entrepreneurs, designers and charities to discover some amazing opportunities. Opportunities for intergenerational collaboration; for community redesign; for lifelong learning; and for fuller working lives.

In Manchester, we are not just going to come up with amazing ideas; we are going to convert ideas into action. On the first two days we are going to co-create 24 implementable project prototypes that together will represent the most impactful recipe for age-positive social change the UK has seen.

On day three we are going to share the scores of stories from people and organisations across the UK who are driving age-positive change within their communities. Leading the way will be the inspiring example being set by Barclays, where customers over 50 are changing the way the bank thinks and behaves.


Who the forum is for

Our event is not about ‘old’ people. It is about getting older, growing up, and gaining experience. It is about all of us. It is about you.

We can’t turn our backs on and ignore the talent and experience that is built up over decades and possessed by the more than the third of the UK population who are over 50.

Participation is free. Register your place for the Co-Design Labs and the Barclays story now on Eventbrite.

Get involved in running a workshop

We are looking for employers (large and small), designers, authors, artists, academics, policy makers, entrepreneurs, civil servants, teachers, workers and students to help lead our Co-Design Labs.

You would be instrumental in shaping 24 project prototypes for action. There is no prep work or speech-making required, just the desire to roll up your sleeves and engage positively and openly in the design-led explorations.

If you want to be a Co-Design Lab Leader, email us now on

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