Paris, Sri Lanka, the Amazon and more: where to see unusual architecture, wildlife and landscapes

In this series of travel articles with Swarovski, we uncover the best scenery, wildlife, architecture, coastal retreats and city breaks around the world. Prepare to see the unseen

The most memorable travel adventures can happen when you stumble upon the hidden aspects of beautiful lands and faraway cities.Swarovski Optik’s range of Binoculars provides an easy, portable way to uncover our world’s hidden gems, from the intricate detail of a toucan’s feathers in the treetops to surveying the white cliffs of an island in the distance.

These four locations shine when they’re magnified. From stunning scenery to exotic wildlife to breath-taking coastal views, these are four of the best locations to see the unseen.

See pink dolphins and exotic birds in the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest has some of the most extraordinary wildlife in the world. Where else could you find magical creatures like pink dolphins? Only the Amazon River. Look up into the rainforest to spot lazy sloths slumbering on branches, squirrel monkeys darting through the trees or colourful red toucans. The chorus of croaking tree frogs sets the scene. The five best wildlife spots in the world.

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Sri Lanka tea plantations


Discover Sri Lanka’s tea plantations

Some of the most magical scenery in the world is in Sri Lanka. The greenery of the lush Sri Lankan tea plantations stretches as far as the eye can see and produces some of the most fragrant tea in the world. Explore on foot and sample the teas while getting lost the expansive greenery. Where to go for the most stunning scenery in the world.

Escape to the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia

Using Dubrovnik as a jumping-off point, dive into the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. The warm Mediterranean climate, fresh seafood and endless number of islands on the Dalmatian Coast provide a paradise for water lovers.

Explore the islands by boat or ride the cable car to take in the stark contrast of red roofs, white cliffs, blue sea and the green islands in the distance. Discover the five best coastallines in the world. 

Marvel at the Louvre pyramid, even in wintertime. Photo by Jacques Lebar from Paris Tourist Office


Uncover the hidden gems of Paris

With a city so rich in history and culture, every turn provides a new discovery from the past. We all know the iconic Notre Dame, ultra-modern Louvre Pyramid and the elaborate Garnier Opera House, but the city is chock-full of stunning architecture, from up-high gargoyles to intricate window panes. Don’t forget to look up to discover hundreds of blue Parisian plaques marking the former homes of notable people such as Victor Hugo, Renoir and Ernest Hemingway. The five best city breaks for dramatic architecture