Top five nude beaches in Europe

Britain, France, Croatia, Greece and Spain: we tell you where to find the best nudist beach holidays for a spot of sunbathing ‘au naturel’

There are hundreds of beaches across Europe for those who prefer to strip off when they build their sandcastles, but where to find them? Thankfully, Oliver Bennett has scoured the best naturist sites on the web, so you don’t have to. Here’s our top five nude beaches!

With typical British modesty, this site offers a sober but exhaustive guide to Blighty’s bare beaches, with a well-designed if avowedly non-racy website replete with drop-down regional menu. And that’s the only ‘drop-down’ here: with no pictures, the site is entirely work-safe. Visit British Naturism.

Ah, Greece – the place where civilisation and nude wrestling began. This personal site has been going since 1996 and is presided over by Captain Barefoot, a Brit who is your guide to Greek naturism. The Captain adds a certain spirit to proceedings, particularly in his Captain’s Blog, which offers disquisitions on the benefits of Speedos and sandals, among other amusing subjects. Visit Barefoot Info.

This Adriatic nation is one of the best places in the world to get your kit off, with masses of nude beaches, great sea, sun, and a tremendously pragmatic attitude to the human form. The Kandarola beach, on the island of Rab, is where King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson swam nude in 1936, gaining insta-notoriety. Croatia is popular with Germans practising FKK or Freikörperkultur, their slightly earnest take on clothes-free fun. Visit Croatia Naturally.

France has one of the longest nude traditions in Europe and in Cap d’Agde, the most full-on naked resorts in the world: a small town where several thousand naturist sun-lovers meet with a more hedonistic crowd by night. This site has an interactive map with good back-up information about the best of France’s sandy deshabille. Visit Nude France.

After Franco died, naturism really started to catch on in Spain. Now it’s normal to see nude people sitting unconcerned at the most crowded beaches, particularly in those areas where Spanish holiday-makers gather, such as Asturias in the north. The Vera Playa resort in Almeria is worthy of note: huge and claiming to be year-round, it’s a good place to get naked with several hundred compadres. Meanwhile, this site, although inelegant, has a good list of places to get nude in Spain. Visit Resorts in Spain.

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